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What Does the Future Hold for Longleaf Pine - The Opportunities and Resources for Longleaf Pine Stewardship

With Julie Moore, Botanist & Endangered Species Biologist; Coordinator, Venus Flytrap Champions


Julie Moore has a passion for longleaf pine that spans nearly 50 years of professional and personal experience. She knows that longleaf pine is more than a tree, it is a legacy that we must protect and restore for the future. In this talk, she will share her insights on the history, challenges, and opportunities of longleaf pine conservation.

You will learn how longleaf pine forests provide vital benefits for the environment, the economy, and the society, such as supporting rare species, sustainable forestry, water quality, and military readiness. You will also discover what it takes to reestablish the amazing diversity of plants and animals associated with longleaf pine, beyond the essential tool of fire management. Finally, you will find out how you can be a good advocate for longleaf pine and join the collaborative efforts to ensure that this legacy thrives for generations to come.

Don’t miss this chance to hear from a longleaf pine expert and enthusiast who believes that longleaf pine is a tree of the future, not simply an artifact of the past.

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