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100 Old Mason Farm Road, Chapel Hill, NC
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Join us for the opening reception of Grounded and Growing: Tales of Our Lives through Wild Pigments, a new exhibit by The Durham Palette.


Sunday, November 12
5-8 p.m.
Light refreshments provided


The Durham Palette is a growing collective of artists that contextualize locally sourced pigments within a Queer, decolonial, ecological framework. By doing so they seek to not only connect with ancestral art practices but also to deepen their understanding of how ongoing cultural events, including marronage, gentrification, and climate change, have materialized into the Earth’s ecology and can be harvested as color.


The places they gather from include changing neighborhoods, graveyards, landfills, riverbeds, plantations, family homes, and Black-owned land, among others. These foraging practices are slow, rooted in cycles and seasons, and they align with the collective’s commitments to center sustainability over capitalist lures of constant consumption and production. The Durham Palette believes that the Earth is an ally, and it is offering us sustainable and abundant tools to create propaganda for our much needed collective liberation in this time of climate collapse.

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